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About the author

As a survivor of Killing Field coming to this country without having anything, never had formal education, and don’t speak the language. How do I overcome and strive in the world that some or most Americans struggling to make sense in their lives? I want to share my story to inspire people that they don’t have to be the victim of this world and that they also can overcome anything.

I am a child of the King of kings, a wife, a mom of 3 kids, a grandma (aka) Glamma and a partner business owner. My life is buzzzzzz. How do busy people make time? People that know me say Sophal, you make everything look so easy. I know one thing if you want anything to get done, just ask the busy person. I think most busy people know how to work around the clock and still look glamorous! I am one of those people who came from an un-privilege background all the odds against me. It was not an easy road to be on but that is one of the journeys that makes everything worth living for that end-gold my heaven and my champions. I know that road that I took designed just for me so that I can be the champion for my life.