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About the author

Michael Darmody is a catalyst for awareness, growth, hope and inspiration. He has studied and applied principles of excellent leadership for 40 years, and proposes in this book that all of our current challenges are the result of decades of incompetent and/or corrupt leaders.
Witnessing the correlation between the climate change, income inequality, technological trends, and the corruption of government, business and media, (culminating in the Trump administration), he felt compelled to throw light on the situation for the benefit of the public. He has spent years separating fact from Fake News, to present truth to readers.
He holds a MBA degree and an executive coaching certification, and has enjoyed a management career with public, private and non-profit sector organizations, prior to creating his own leadership development coaching and consulting practice, Darmody and Company. A dual Canadian/American citizen, he has lived in, appreciates and loves both countries. He currently lives in Mississauga, Canada.