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About the author

Melissa Winn is a child psychologist, passionate children’s book author, poetess, mother of two children, and more recently a grandmother. Her life revolves around children, both her family, her vocation, and her aspirations.

Since early childhood, Melissa has had an affinity for the written word which was fueled by her vivid imagination. As she raised her children, she made up her own fairytales to teach them about daily challenges, wrote small poems, and drew the illustrations. At the time, she had no ability to publish her work, but thanks to the wonders of indie publishing, it is now possible to transform her passion into a vocation.

After her grandson was born, she noticed how eagerly he developed a love of books, and how useful those books were in helping him develop his social skills. This inspired her to write a new book series – one targeted for infants -- short poems with colorful illustrations which will each be published as a separate book. Some of these stories are funny and aim to create an exuberant mood; some are tender to help a parent convey love and safety; while other books in the series are purely educational. Melissa is currently drawing illustrations to go along with her latest project, a cute book about “Hugs and Kisses.”

All parents know how important a patient, psychological approach is for their children. Melissa believes books can help as she has watched how attentively her grandson listened to poems, and how easy the education process became once she added rhymes and illustrations. To a grownup, children’s problems may seem like ordinary, minor issues, but to a child, they can be terrifying and uncomfortable for. Our job as parents is to help them deal with it. Melissa's goal is to give every child a chance to explore the world with joy and love.