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About the author

Hello, I’m Callie Berkham, but you can call me Callie. (smile)

Ah… don’t you just love Romance? I do.

I love Historical Romance, the manners and the speech, the feeling of living in the times past. Whether the Heroes be English lords, Scottish Lairds, or Knights of old, the heroines they fall in love with are independent, beautiful (in the Hero’s eyes), and smart.

To me, there’s nothing better than to curl up with a great Historical Romance and let the modern world pass by.
Oh, but Contemporary Romance is just as compelling to me. Even in modern times, I believe we all want, and hope for, a love so surprising, so amazing, that our toes curl just at the mention of his or her name.

Romance is everywhere so let’s not forget Paranormal, Fantasy or Science Fiction and I want to meet the people who have stories in those genres too.

And… I get to write the stories. How lucky am I?

Please join me on the journey to finding the greatest love story of all time.