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About the author

I’m a born storyteller.
To entertain myself during my very normal childhood in my very normal midwest town, I’d make shit up. Barbies and Godzilla figurines (Godzilla was her husband, dammit!) The cornfield next to my house was secretly a slain goddess that had been stabbed in her back by her lover, the god of tornadoes. He came to visit from time to time to twist the blade, making sure she was really dead.
…wow that’s the most midwest thing I’ve ever written. Let’s throw a soft “Ope” in there for good measure.
Eventually I started putting this stuff on paper. Stories, comics, illustrations. Characters with big moods and so many fascinating issues they had to work through.
Not like me at all. Definitely not.
Fun fact: When I was a horny teenager, I’d draw my own porn (story and all) and then set it on fire so my conservative mother couldn’t find it.
…I’m just a little bit dramatic.
Now that I’m an adult or something, I can not only keep such things, I can share them with the world! The internet is great, isn’t it? When authority figures say “no,” the internet turns around and says “Yes, post the hell out of that!”
A very dangerous power to be put in the hands of degenerates like me.
Even today, I can still hear the echoes of the uptight Mrs. Smith when she took me to the principal’s office for finding a not-so-nice story I’d written about her:
“Well Miss Saroya? Are you pleased with yourself?”
And to this day, the answer is still “Yep.”

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