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About the author

From the age of 5, Pam Reese wanted to be a nurse. As a young child Pam would visit church members in the hospital with her grandmother; so, intrigued with the nurses in white, seemingly floating through the halls like angels. Interestingly, Pam loved the smells, the beeping equipment, the tubes, the monitors and the way the nurses appeared to be the healers. Needless to say, Pam Reese became a Registered Nurse and became obsessed with directing the care and services of the Elderly. Pam dedicated her career to developing and directing clinical operations in the skilled nursing and rehabilitation industry. While serving 15 years as a partner and Chief Clinical Officer, Pam’s self-confident, rewarding lifestyle was turned upside down when her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Pam’s experience with directing care, along with designing evidenced based memory care, did not prepare her for the journey of being a personal caregiver for her mom. Pam had to shift her thinking from a provider to a caregiver, searching for answers and solutions to minimize the effects of a disease that has no prevention, no treatment and no cure.

Pam found that Habilitative Care was the only solution. Offering a love filled and positive environment every day of her Mom’s remaining life. While soliciting the feelings and emotions of her mom, Pam knew that in spite of losing declarative memory, her mom still had the ability to feel positivity and elicit the appropriate emotions.

Pam Reese retired from her career as a provider and founded Quality Now, a company that provides education and support to the family caregiver.

Pam and her husband Jason reside in a rural community outside of Columbus Ohio. Pam has two children, Kylea and Tyson and four grandchildren. When not speaking to caregivers, Pam can be found enjoying as many activities as possible with her grandchildren.