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About the author

The day Z.Z. Warlander realized books were written by real people, and not fairies or robots, she decided to become an author. Her first epic adventure was written and illustrated that night.
Several years, and a dozen hurdles later, such as the persistent inability to spell, Z.Z. is on the road to publishing her first novel at 19. Despite flipping letters, and writing in mirror image, Z.Z. successfully managed to have a functional college vocabulary at the ripe age of eight. The same age she discovered one of her favorite books was written by a sixteen year old. A goal she chose to emulate, and at the age of fifteen, beat.
In high school, Z.Z. single handedly resurrected her school's writing club, all while secretly intimidating the literacy sponsor--he called her Buckets-of-Blood Warlander after reading the first chapter of her first novel. Despite the gruesome darkness of her writing, Z.Z.'s aesthetic is better found in her pink hair and ever sunny disposition. Her current goals include graduating college and not dying in the process.