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About the author

Luke Blush is the creator of the Goblin Nests of Realm erotic fantasy series.

He's a former adventurer who writes erotica as part of a side quest. Although Luke's short stories have been printed over twenty times, his trunk is still full of unpublished tales of horror and suspense. He dreams one day of being able to pick up his lute and write full time. In the meanwhile, he lives his life as a humble wage slave.

He grew up enjoying tabletop role-playing games, but also played video game series, such as Baldur’s Gate, Diablo, and The Elder Scrolls. Currently, he is a big fan of Dragon Age, and Borderlands. He has sent many brave female adventurers to their doom just to fantasize about her eventual corruption at the hands of her foes.

Some of Luke's influences are anime shows like Goblin Slayer (a huge inspiration) and Konosuba, as well as books like Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King and the Lord of the Rings trilogy (naturally) by JRR Tolkien.

It doesn’t take a natural twenty on a perception check to deduce that Luke Blush is a nerd.