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About the author

Caroline E. Zani, Author, Intuitive Medium, Teacher

Caroline Zani grew up in a small Massachusetts town surrounded by horses and people. What she quickly learned was that the energy of the horse is far different than that of people. Drawn to the stables at an early age, she intended to set up camp and stay, but school, church and home all had rules that needed following. Fully integrating into the physical world was less than pleasant and having to leave behind a beloved “imaginary” friend to face the world was challenging. Having a horse of her own and sucking her thumb helped an awful lot. Left-handed, Aquarius, middle-child, introvert and empath, she absorbed everything around her. Once she realized this, she excelled at writing, storytelling and using her intuition to surprise others. It wasn’t until many years later that life circumstances showed her that her gifts were needed and shouldn’t be hidden. To that end, Zani began teaching others and helping them develop their own intuition. She loves nothing more than watching someone change their life completely by learning how to follow what’s already there. She also teaches health, wellness and stress management classes because life is all about balance and our bodies are where our souls live. She has one daughter, Amanda, of whom she is eternally proud. Having traveled to France to walk in lavender fields, home to Piper from her first novel, Piper, Once & Again, she has decided that the one city she could live in would be Paris.
She has contributed to articles on Bustle and Boston Voyager and has been a guest on many radio programs.
She lives with husband Brian, puppy Tulip and her soulmate Hermés the Siamese cat on the hill, under the willows.