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About the author

Suryanarayana SV [ ] has been rendering services to several Corporates, Business Owners, Working Executives, Professionals and Students in various capacities with multifarious activities and diverse exercises. He has an unstinted flair for teaching and training and has been always on the lookout for opportunities to serve the needy.

He has rich experience of over 45 years in various cultural, vocational and educational activities starting from presentations in Radio, TV and live public presentations in training programmes, workshops, seminars, conferences, professional meetings and so forth., on topics ranging from Communication skills to Motivation & Mentor programmes intended for Corporate Executives, Professionals and Students.

He is an accomplished self-published Author of "Self MOTIVATION 111" published as Paperback, eBook and Kindle edition.

Suryanarayana SV is an Author, Consultant, Director, Rotarian, and Trainer lives in Hyderabad, India

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