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About the author

Meet Award Winning, Best Selling Author Cherime MacFarlane. A prolific multi genre author, she has a broad range of interests that reflect her been there done that life. Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, many characters and plots evolve from a vivid imagination.
She lives happily in Alaska. A cabin built by her husband and her shelters Cherime and her four-footed friends. Occasionally, she makes forays into other parts of the state on picture taking expeditions. Sometimes, she ventures into Canada and down to the Lower 48 but is always ready to come home.
As a reporter for the Copper Valley Views, Cherime MacFarlane received a letter of commendation from the Copper River Native Association for fair and balanced reporting. She was part of the Amazon Best Selling in Anthologies and Holidays, and Fantasy Anthologies and Short Stories. The Other Side of Dusk was a finalist in the McGrath house award of 2017. Cherime has been in a Best-Selling author in Amazon four times and has several books that have been Number 1 on various GoodReads Listopia lists.