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About the author

As a son of foreign exchange teachers, he had become a world traveler by the age of 10. His travels took him into jungles and remote villages across South East Asia, on the Trans-Siberian Railway when China was ruled by Mao and the Soviet Union was a superpower and sailed the Atlantic aboard the QEII. He experienced a coup and unrest in Central America, explored remote islands in the Pacific, climbed Kilimanjaro, and spent a volatile time in the Persian Gulf.

Traveling combined with his literary and adventurer inspirations; Burton, Lawrence, Hemingway, Hesse, became an essential defining part of his life, infusing a more profound interest in the history and culture of the places he visited.

Over the years he became an autodidact historian and economist, never satisfied with subjective answers and coincidences, he began his own research applying objective reasoning and logic. There were too many coincidences in history, too many stories thought to be nothing more than myths.

When others thought Homer’s Iliad was nothing more than a myth, it was an amateur archaeologist and businessman Schliemann who believe the text to be history, leading to the discovery of Troy. Despite Schliemann’s criticized methods, the point was clear, there is far more to these ancient myths. One needs to dig, figuratively, and sometimes literally.

Sometimes it takes an objective eye not molded by conventional wisdom to find the truth.