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About the author

BEN PARRIS is the proud creator of the world's first synesthete hero in WADE OF AQUITAINE, and of the updated Bradbury-esque novel MARS ARMOR FORGED as well as CREDS: THE IRS ADVENTURE from his earlier life as a Federal agent.

Parris is also editor of DRASTIC MEASURES, Volume I, and WASH THE SPIDER OUT: DRASTIC MEASURES VOLUME II-- anthologies of short fiction exploring where the human mind goes when it's cornered. Volume I contains two stories of his own edited by Ken Altabef.

A longtime science museum executive director and NASA consultant, Parris has delivered over 100 science education lectures in the Northeastern United States. As a former Scholastic Magazine columnist and Edutopia contributor, his articles and fiction have appeared in a wide variety of publications.

He overcame dyscalculia to complete his education at Brooklyn College, and shows some symptoms of synesthesia (crossed senses), both of which provide ample material for his characters in WADE OF AQUITAINE, KREINDIA OF AMORIUM, and the upcoming sequel AMYNTA OF AMORIUM.