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About the author

With a BA in English Literature and Theatre Skills from the University of London and an MLing from the University of Nottingham, Francisco ‘The Houyhnhnm’ Cordoba has been teaching English to international university students in a small university since 2008.

Prior to that, he certified as an Instructor with the British Horse Society and trained in Classical Horsemanship in Portugal and Austria. For six years, he operated a riding school and horse training facility where he specialized in training horses and riders in Classical Equitation according to the Old Masters. For years, his joy was to rescue abused and misjudged horses and rehabilitate them to lead useful, pain and fear free lives.

Francisco’s somewhat peculiar sense of humor and introvert personality have led him to a subdued life tucked away in the back of beyond with his wife, son, spiky cat, killer corgis and Andalusian stallion. He does occasionally venture into the world for sustenance and supplies, but it’s never long before he gallops back to his hideaway.

Francisco is a romantic who believes all people deserve to love and be loved in whatever capacity works for them. He enjoys writing about passionate romantic encounters and never shies away from explicit steamy or kinky sex. In fact, he’s not sure that kinky sex actually exists. Anything goes as long as it’s adult, consensual and no one gets hurt…except maybe the bad guys.