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About the author

V. .Vee: You can't spell love without V

V. Vee is just another one of the pennames of USA TODAY Bestselling and International Bestselling and Award-Winning author V. A. Bailey who also writes under the names: Leyah, Veronica Victorian, V. Alex, ShaKira, Alexandra Bailey, Vicktor Alexander, and Vee Bailey. One of 9 different pennames used by the author, V. Vee is the one dedicated to bringing to life the love between men and women in interracial, multicultural, and non-traditional relationships. From princes falling in love with women of different classes and races, to women in power falling in love with the men committed to serving them, V. Vee is sure to live up to the creed: Mixing sexiness, romance, and equality to create true love.
A single parent, disabled veteran, and a child of veterans, V. Vee has lived all over the US nation, and even Cuba, but V's favorite place is with "Papi" who is the man who helped V. Vee once again believe in the heart-pounding, breath-stealing, legs-shaking, never-ending true love that V. Vee writes about. Really, any place is fine as long as it's not Florida. V. Vee loves to hear from readers and is completely open to hearing about the single brother you have who may be bisexual, or gay, or the family member who is trans, or a veteran, or how you want to be an author someday. Just be sure to label the email appropriately, it's embarrassing to offer writing advice to potential husbands.
Really. It is.