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About the author

As someone who has always had a passion for the Stock Market and Investing and Trading, I decided to help others learn the power of investing their money or becoming a trader so that they could also experience the incredible benefits that come with learning how to grow your money at incredible rates.

Whether you are someone who just wants to learn the easiest way to make 7% a year from the Stock Market, or someone who wants to become the next millionaire Forex Trader, my books will have you covered as we cover everything from the most passive investing methods to the most active trading methods.

And, helping people is what makes me happy, educating people on how to grow their money is an incredibly meaningful way for me to give back to the world by sharing what I am passionate about and I hope that comes across in all of my books. So, I really hope you not only enjoy my books but learn a lot about the world of investing and trading.

All the best,