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Dominating Zoe

Samantha Madisen

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When Zoe’s falls ill her step-father proposes a solution, to auction Zoe to the highest bidder and use the money to pay for a doctor. Desperate and without prospects, Zoe agrees. When the day arrives she is terrified that she will end up with the older and portly Mr. Sameuls. Just as she is about to accept her fate two rugged cowboys double Samuels bid and win the auction.

Jeb and Troy are headed for Timber Creek when they stop in Breckson Ridge to water their horses. Walking by the auction happening at the inn, the two see Zoe. They know immediately that they must make her their own. Borrowing money from their friends in the caravan they are travelling with is a small price to pay. But the end of their wedding is disrupted by an angry mob loyal to Samuels and the three have to leave town in a hurry. Jeb and Troy immediately set about showing innocent Zoe what it means to be married to two men.

Their dominant, masterful lovemaking and frequent spankings for misbehaviour ignite a spark in her she never knew existed. She is brought to climax after blushing climax, subjected to intimate examinations and trained in how she will take them both. Trouble waits on the trail but as the three get to know each other they fall more and more deeply in love.

This book contains sexual scenes, spankings, anal training and menage situations. If this offends you, please do not buy this book.

Erotic Romance Historical Romance

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