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Pretend I'm yours

Aiden Bates

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4.7 Stars
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Desperate times call for desperate measures, like seeking a mail order groom.

Saul McCormick isn't the kind of man who believes in fairytales like love or trust. After a terrible breakup left him publicly on the ropes, Saul disappeared to the mountains to find himself again. He's just not ready to do people again, yet.

Kyler Nielson thought he had it made at the Tall Oaks Country Club, until he was suddenly canned. Stuck trying to keep his father in a comfortable living facility for dementia patients, Kyler needs cash now. Mail Misters, an online mail-order groom service, is waving the green in his face. Can it be that bad?

With Kyler desperate for cash and Saul desperate for companionship, the two seem like a perfect match. But Hollywood just won’t let go of Saul’s name, and Kyler can’t help but notice the seclusion isn’t great for his soon-to-be fake husband. Unfortunately, the city means exposure—and they can’t have that.

These two are brought together to fake it until they make it. Butwhen Saul's trust fund is put in jeopardy, can they make things work for real? This contemporary gay mpreg novel is for adults only.. (this part doesn’t fit now)

LGBT Romance Contemporary Romance Paranormal Romance

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