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Stories From the Paranormal Council Universe: Six Paranormal Stories

Laura Greenwood

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4.6 Stars
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Enter the world of the Paranormal Council with these six stories featuring everything from shifters to witches and more. Discover new romances and second chances, all with a paranormal flair.

Stories from the Paranormal Council Includes:

His Lost Bear - A grieving panther shifter discovers he too can find true love when a mysterious woman appears in his forest.
Spellbound - A second chance romance between two witches broken apart as teens.
Under Her Spell - A witch falls for her best friend's brother at a charity event.
Catching His Ladybird - Unusual shifters find their chance at love.
Snakes and Ladders - An enchanted snake discovers the woman he loves, only for her to disappear.
Falling Ashes - Can a woman sacrifice everything for a child?

Paranormal Romance General Fantasy General Romance

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