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Resolution - G String

Olivia Hawthorne

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Chloe Kingston: I just wanted to learn how to play the guitar.

Spurred on my one of my Mi Alpha Alpha sorority sisters New Year, New You texts, I decided to take music lessons.

Who knew I’d end up learning to play from the biggest player around, the god of indie rock…Gavin Pierce himself?

I vowed to finish the lessons I’d already paid for and never see him again.

I vowed I wouldn’t be like the throngs of screaming women lining up to spent just a night in his arms.

I vowed I wouldn’t be like every other woman in America, lusting after him so hard it made you stupid.

But I broke that vow, and now there’s no going back.

Gavin Pierce: Rock God. That’s what they called me.



And I was. I was all those things and more.

But I was also tired of the lifestyle, tired of partying and touring.

So when my big sister needs a favor, I stepped up just for a little break and to give her struggling music store some much needed publicity.

Little did I know I would meet the woman of my dreams, the only one who would be able to save me from myself.

How did I convince her that our one night could become a lifetime together, especially when I didn’t know how to find her again?
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