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Jake, Lucid Dreamer

David J. Naiman

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12-year-old Jake has been suppressing his heartbreak over the loss of his mother for the past four years. But his emotions have a way of haunting his dreams and bubbling to the surface when he least expects it. When Jake learns how to take control in his dreams, he becomes a lucid dreamer, and that’s when the battle really heats up.

Using his wits to dodge bullies by day and a nefarious kangaroo hopping ever closer by night, Jake learns about loss, bravery, the power of love, and how you cannot fully heal until you face your greatest fear. This uncompromising novel is a magical yet honest exploration of emotional healing after a devastating loss.

2018 Purple Dragonfly Book Award First Place winner for Middle Grade fiction
2018 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards Gold Medal Winner for Pre-teen fiction - Mature Issues
2018 International Book Award Silver Medal Winner Readers' Favorite for Coming of Age

Middle Grade

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