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Slate High

LM Wilson

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Willow Rundstow, beloved daughter, demi-goddess and saviour of the realms.
At least that's what the prophecy says.

My name is Willow Rundstow, I was brought up in the human world, believing I was nothing more than another human, but the second I step foot in Slate High, my entire life changes. At first, it's worse than anyone can believe, the locals aren't friendly, in fact that are downright mean. One girl in particular goes out of her way to make my life hell. Of course, the same can be said of others at this school.
But something happens that changes everything.
What is a girl to do when five very sexy guys all begin vying for her attention, while an unknown man hunts you for his own nefarious desires?

Three sexy vampires, a hybrid wolf-vampire, a half human-half vampire and a goddess, end up in the same school together. What could possibly go wrong?

This is an RH Romance with Paranormal, action and fantasy elements and a little bit of humour. As this is a series there will be a HEFN at the end. (Happy Ending For Now)
Language Warning.
Some scenes may be distressing to some people.

Paranormal Romance New Adult Romance Contemporary Romance

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