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Scars on My Heart

Lynn Rhys

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For my entire life, my weight and looks have been a hot topic of conversation with my family. I’ve never felt perfect, never felt like I was enough or even worthy of love. That all changed when I met my husband, Scott. I finally had someone that saw me for who I was, not a number on a scale.

Or so I thought. But then my husband left me for someone more beautiful, someone skinnier. It broke me.

Newly divorced and ready to find myself, I venture out into my single life.

And everything was fine. Until, I met Dr. Nathaniel Bennett . Of course I was attracted to him, but he would never see anything in me. I was the big girl. I had flaws. Nothing could ever happen between us.

I would never be pretty enough, skinny enough to love.

This book contains strong subject matter that may not be suitable for all readers. The topics in this book involve abuse, suicide, and mental illness. There is profanity and sexual situations. Reader discretion is advised.

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