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Break Down: Curvy Woman, Short Read, Opposites Attract Romance

Hope Malone

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She’s a pastry chef with a sweet tooth. He’s a mechanic who’s good with his hands, like really good. Can opposites attract when their worlds collide?


My life is pies. Sweet pies, savory pies, pies of every shape and size.

But much as I love a good pastry, there’s something else I’d rather sink my teeth into. And there’s nothing wholesome about this delight.

My life revolves around Skye High Pies. From starting early in the morning, to going home covered in flour and whatever filling I’ve been working on that day.

Sure I can afford a better car, but there are pluses to owning a clunker that breaks down on a regular basis. The biggest plus being Seth Adams, owner of Adams Towing.

He told me last time I broke down, that if it happened again, I’d be paying big time. I've got my fingers crossed that my credit card won't be all he's after.


There are pluses to owning your own business, even if it is only you and a tow truck.

The biggest plus of late is how often I’ve had to rescue Sky Fraser from wherever it is that dodgy car of hers has broken down. The woman is a menace, of the best kind.

But the more times I save her, the less I’m safe in her presence. There’s something about that curvy little redhead that heats my blood, and other parts. Even thinking about her has me in need of a cold shower.

She is one sweet treat I wouldn’t mind sampling. It’s a pity she’s out of my league.

If you like your stories short and steamy, you’ll love Skye and Seth’s story. This is a curvy woman, opposites attract, standalone romance. There’s a guaranteed HEA with no cheating and no cliffhangers.

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