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The Shards of Kestrius

M.E. Wyatt

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Dead… my brother and father are dead.

Arden Ashwen, an heir to his House, struggles with the perceived deception of his close friend, Rael. A waning peace, and a new threat, has him tasked with putting down an uprising of Kinfolk—a race said to be born of dragons. Pained by his loss, he begrudgingly accepts this role. But a deeper, darker secret torments him as he edges closer and closer to an all-consuming flame.

Rael Baccarus, sworn to secrecy, begins a journey all his own. Whispers has Matriarch Ashwen worried about an attempt on her life, and she entrusts him with this knowledge as she sends him on a mission to uncover a murderous plot. But how much can the honor of a decent man stretch in the pursuit of a purpose greater than himself?

House secrets have Auretta Ashwen desperately trying to find the truth behind Rael’s sudden departure. In doing so, she becomes entangled in a political nightmare that will alter the shape of the country forever.
Severed by fate, but still bound by its strings—each step takes them further from each other, but closer to discovering the truth behind House Ashwen’s dark past.

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