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Cowboy Dragon's Brave Blind Date: (Cowboy Dragon's Inn)

Serena Meadows

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5.0 Stars
From 2 Reviews

I had never shared my darkest secret with anyone until she came along...

I’m a successful cowboy dragon shifter.
Running my hotel and ranch with my best friends fulfilled me and I didn’t even know I needed her.
But Veronica blew my breath away and how...

I felt for her.
She was running from her abusive ex.
Always worried that he might hurt her.
I made one thing clear,
Letting her know that I wouldn’t let him lay a finger on her.

I had to keep my promise when she was taken.
My heart was in danger.
Veronica knew of my secret and she loved me anyway.
If something happened to her... and our unborn baby, I would never forgive myself.

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