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Haunted Deception A Paranormal Shifter Serial Killer Romance

Jayda Blackstone

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I love my job, as a magical agent, I rid the streets of the magical scum on this earth plane.
But I was forced to make a choice and it's haunted me ever since.
My most recent partner is so incompetent and just wet his pants.
And of course, the Portal Agency has a different agenda altogether.
So, now I’ve been teamed up with one of them...
Despite being cute and easy on the eyes after looking at crime scene photos all day.
Everything he does has me rethinking who and what he is.
I just hope I’m not sending the wrong signals.
Cause it seems the more we work together the more he’s become a welcomed distraction from a killer who is far more lethal than I ever realized.
I know now if I’m going to track down this savage killer I need to make a deal with a devil.
And keeping a stranglehold on this snake isn’t going to be easy.
I'm not a quitter.
No matter the cost.
I'm going to stop this dark magic monster from claiming more victims.
And maybe. Just maybe, my choice will be vindicated.

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