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Colonial America: A Captivating Guide to the Colonial History of the United States and How Immigrants of Countries Such as England, Spain, France, and the Netherlands Established Colonies

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Did you know that the first English settlement in the New World was a disaster?

Perhaps you have heard the story of Roanoke before. Or maybe even the creation of Jamestown. But have you heard about the Spanish colonies in North America? Or the French and Dutch settlements?

Colonial America was diverse, with European settlers from various nations coming to the New World and meeting the Native Americans who already inhabited the land. What were their interactions like? Was there any semblance of peace between all of the groups who called this land their home?

This book will examine that in more detail, as well as a closer look at how some of the major British colonies were formed. The current-day United States owes its heritage to all of the people who moved or already lived there, but Britain perhaps had the greatest influence. After all, even today, Americans celebrate their independence from Great Britain.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this exciting period of history, and learn more about how the United States became what it is today. In this book, you will discover:

● The early days of the Age of Discovery and the European navigators who opened the world to colonization
● The rivalries that took place among England, France, and Spain
● The role of religion and how it played a factor in colonization
● The establishment of the Thirteen Colonies
● A closer look at New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, including their origins and how they prospered
● How life in the colonies differs from the modern day
● The roles the Founding Fathers played and a brief look at the road to the American Revolution
● And so much more!

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