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Crunching her Numbers

Mia Sivan

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Kelly, a successful investment manager from Tel Aviv, is living it up. She is single, rich and happy to be with men just to scratch an itch. Embarking on a no strings attached relationship with the hot, much younger Slava feels like a great idea—and he's totally up for it.
Ilan, an ambitious and charming investigator working for the Israeli Security Agency, is trying to untangle a huge market manipulation scheme. He needs Kelly to crack the case, but she knows that whistleblowing might jeopardize everything she’s ever worked for. Ilan, however, can be very persuasive. Soon, and against their better judgment, they start mixing business with pleasure.
But, when Ilan asks her to stop seeing Slava, Kelly realizes that no-strings doesn't mean it's easy to let go. With her livelihood on the line and her love life a mess, can Kelly keep it together, or has she thrown one too many balls in the air?

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