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Trojan Crown: A Single Dad Age Gap Romance

Eleanor Aldrick

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Anaya. That’s her name. The young temptress that’s come to test my will.

No matter how hard I try, her every seductive move breaks me, turning me into a monster who won’t settle until he’s had a taste.

She’s the nanny. The last woman on this earth I should be looking at, let alone desire.

And to make matters worse, I only have myself to blame.

I’m the reason my wife is gone. That same reason that left me wandering aimlessly in the desert, trying to find a way back to my kids.

After fighting death itself, I make my way home, only to be served the cruelest redemption life has to offer. Anaya.

A bitter chuckle falls from my lips because the irony is just too good.

Her name, it means God's answer. But in truth, she's His torture, sent to end me once and for all.

Trojan Crown is a single dad age gap trope where Austin finds himself tempted by the much younger nanny. Here's what to expect:

♛ Single Dad

♛ Steam

♛ Age Gap

♛ Nanny/Employer

♛ Forbidden Romance

♛ Happily Ever After

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