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Always Time For Love

Ivy Blacke

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Real love... That was something Allie never knew.
She wanted to be loved. She wanted his love for as long as she could remember, except she just never felt like she deserved him.
And why would she? She was worthless, she didn’t mean anything, no one could love her... At least that was what she had been told.
But why not enjoy one single night of passion? It wouldn't hurt to let him in just once. Right?
She didn't have anything to offer him, not even her heart because that would hurt too much.
But what if he could heal what was broken inside of her?


There wasn’t time for love, and all she's doing was playing games.

Will didn't have time for that. There was a farm to run, and a family to provide for.
Except, he couldn't stop thinking about her. He protected her his whole life, but he couldn’t protect her from one thing—himself.

Now that he's had her once the game was about to change, and this time it would be his rules they played by.

One night would never be enough.

Can Will make Allie see the truth? Or will he push her too hard and lose her forever? In the end is there Always Time for Love?

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