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Bending Fate

Reily Garrett

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5.0 Stars
From 1 Reviews

The strength to alter fate lies in our minds as well as our actions.

A young woman held hostage in a government facility.
Dani holds the key to setting her free.
If she can survive long enough to deliver the message.

An extraordinary ability cursed Dani’s existence, but alienation from society’s mainstream hasn’t dampened her commitment to help another genetic oddity.
Through the terror of avoiding a sniper’s bullet and nature’s temper tantrum, she struggles to deliver a warning in hopes of saving a like-minded, young woman. Dani’s ability is both a blessing and a curse. Those who would use her for their own ends would kill to control her, yet it’s her ability that allows her to seek out and help others.
A must-read short story for fans of CM Sutter, Dale Mayer, Dean Koontz, LT Ryan, and Fiona Quinn.

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