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First Time Dads Weekly Pregnancy Guide: New Dads, Moms and Parents to be.

Aaron Edkins

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IF YOU ARE on the verge of becoming a FIRST TIME DAD and feeling nervous and overwhelmed, then the First Time Dads Weekly Pregnancy Guide is for YOU!

BE CONFIDENTLY PREPARED FOR FATHERHOOD and the best possible support system for your partner during pregnancy ... by educating yourself on what to expect and understanding the changes you will both experience over the next 9 months.

" When I first found out I was becoming a Dad, I thought about climbing inside my wife's womb and hiding. I had no idea what to expect. The sheer thought of being responsible for someone other than myself was a whole lot to take in.
Since I couldn't take cover, I decided I would learn as much as possible about the new role I was about to embark on.
I read countless books, spoke to family members and made a promise to myself that I would be the best Dad this kid has ever had... (Being the only Dad - I had no competition, so this seemed easy enough)
After nine months of earning my PHD in Fatherhood, I felt prepared and excited to welcome our child.
Now, I'd like to do the same for you..." -Aaron Edkins

FROM CONCEPTION TO ... Baby Budgeting to Selecting a Pediatrician, all the way to Childbirth and Postpartum Recovery, the First Time Dads Weekly Pregnancy Guide has you covered on all bases.

This Essential Guide for First Time Dads Features:
•  WEEKLY MILESTONE TRACKING of Baby's Development +
•  We'll also address YOUR FEELINGS +
•  Recommend the BEST WAYS TO SUPPORT MOM!

Also discover that ...
•  SEX IS STILL ENJOYABLE - but can also become mundane whilst trying to conceive. Don't worry, I'll explain!
•  EMOTIONS ARE NORMAL - they come in all shapes and sizes and are valid feelings to experience. YOU MAY BE SHOCKED TO HEAR the most common emotional (and physical) pregnancy symptom for expecting fathers!
•  THERE IS ONE SIMPLE TRICK YOU NEED TO KNOW - to curb your partners morning sickness, nausea and other common pregnancy symptoms!
•  BABY SHOWERS CAN BE FOR DADS TOO - and having one is completely optional!
•  PREGNANCY RARELY LASTS EXACTLY 40 WEEKS - so how long does it last?
•  LABOR IS UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU'VE EVER SEEN IN THE MOVIES - find out exactly what to expect...

Added Bonus!
•  Also featuring RELATABLE AND HUMOROUS VISUAL STORIES accompanied with LIGHT & FUN ILLUSTRATIONS, this reassuring companion guide is sure to keep you engaged and is AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR THE FIRST TIME DAD!

--- So put your trust in me and hop aboard the soon-to-be-dad express, even if you feel totally lost. The First Time Dads Weekly Pregnancy Guide is your must-have pregnancy bible!

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