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Contours and Cuddles

Della Cain

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4.7 Stars
From 19 Reviews

Ash has the world at his feet—everyone says so. Then why does he feel like something is missing?

Ash’s indie makeup brand is taking the industry by storm. He loves twisting gender norms on their head and making everyone feel gorgeous. If only he felt that way about himself. He keeps his scars hidden and his heart locked tight.

Steve loves his job teaching mathematics at the local college, his turtle Tullah, and his friends. But something—no, someone is missing. Someone to take care of, to love, to walk through life with. His last boyfriend saw his daddy side as smothering, and now Steve treads lightly when it comes to love.

One night at Collared, two mixed-up orders, and three minutes in the dark bring the two men’s worlds into collision and leave both wondering if maybe, just maybe, they found the man they were looking for.

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