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Curse of the Gods

Skyler Andra

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5.0 Stars
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After the death of my boyfriend, I've spent seven years hiding from bikers and atoning for my sins. Until my brother orders me to infiltrate our rival club and avenge our father’s death.

Destroying my enemies from within won’t be the hard part. Hiding my identity will be.

The Jackals are just like me. Servants to the Egyptian gods. Shifters with immeasurable power. And it won’t be long until they discover my secret.

Until fate changes everything. The gods are cursed and so are we. Bound as fucking fated mates. I'd rather die than lie with a Jackal.

Hearts won’t be the only thing I’m breaking when my enemies declare me theirs.

Curse of the Gods is book 1 in the Jackals Wrath MC series (Operation Isis) featuring a stubborn, yet strong heroine and four badass, haunted bikers with a touch of sweetness. This is a PNR Reverse Harem MC romance.

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