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Hammer's Swing

Jessa Aarons

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When my feelings for one particular Brother grew stronger than his for me, I needed some time away. What I didn’t expect was to be abducted in the process. After I escaped, I returned to the one place where I wasn’t sure I wanted to be anymore - the Rebel Vipers MC clubhouse.

The push and pull between us is too much, so I run again. But I don’t stay gone long . . . because now, my demons have come knocking and I’m in danger.

This time, when things get tough, I decide to stand my ground and stay put. No more running or fighting. We really are stronger together.


She’s a club girl. I shouldn’t want her, but I do. When she ran and disappeared, I woke up and realized she was it for me. But when she came back, she wanted nothing to do with me.

Well, too f**king bad for her because she’s mine and I’m not letting her get away again. Just when we thought the past was behind us, chaos pops back out of the shadows. On a journey to keep her safe, my worst nightmare comes to life.

Now, I need to man up and do whatever it takes to rescue my angel from hell

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