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Pandora's Razor

Ray Strong

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In 2188, Meriel Hope blew up the conspiracy to conquer the remote colony of Haven and toppled a corrupt galactic regime.
Now they want to kill her ... Again.
After surviving the slaughter of her parents and a brutal crusade to silence her, Meriel has built a quiet new life with John and stepdaughters in the far stars.
But on their remote colony of Haven, riots rumble through the refugee camps and mutilated corpses litter the desert. Whispers arise of ‘Archers,’ a criminal cult who claims her home world—and its inhabitants—as their own. When they frame Meriel for a horrific crime, the time for hiding is over.
The far stars face invasion and tyranny as Meriel, John, and her crew fight their way across the galaxy. But to protect the ones she loves, Meriel must face the inner demons she’s been running from, and the monsters who created them.

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