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David W. Zacharias

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Espionage. Abductions. Deep sea wiretaps. The name of the game is information warfare. And it comes with a price. Sometimes a lethal price. Top Secret surveillance systems have been compromised. Stolen military secrets are being hoarded. Mark Wilson and his engineering team race to mitigate the damage, as the balance of world power is threatened by an imminent confrontation of military might.

The U.S. started it by abducting a Russian spy. How will the Russians retaliate? And when?

Northside Engineering has missed a critical deadline for delivering Project NEEDLENOSE. It will cost them dearly. Can Chief Engineer Mark Wilson rally his people to recover the project, and save the company's reputation? Will the NSA be able to install Northside's classified surveillance product in time?

Karen Bream is assigned to the team and immediately develops a powerful attraction to Mark. And the feeling is mutual. Their strong wills and healthy libidos will either help Northside meet the new delivery date, or create a toxic work environment that compromises the NSA's mission.

From L.A. to Oslo and Langley to Moscow, world superpowers protect their national security interests at all costs. Who will suffer the consequences if Top Secret information falls into the wrong hands? Answers come at breakneck speed, as couples try to save their relationships, corporations maneuver to protect their bottom lines, and nations hover on the brink of nuclear confrontation.

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