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Cardinal Ignition

Tracy Eire

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5.0 Stars
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Zoey wants to put her sketchy past in the rear-view mirror. She's thriving in private investigation and bagging bail-jumpers. Her Cardinal Machines law enforcement android C001-Oisín -- Ocean -- works at least as well in the mix as she does being on-scene for his S.W.A.T. team and F.B.I. work. She's starting to feel like she has a partner in crime, so it's hard to resist making the gorgeous prototype a passion project in her personal life too. If that's even possible. And from the anti-android sentiment on the rise in the U.S.A., she's pretty sure it isn't.

Throwing herself into investigations is Zoey's answer, right up till the point where she runs afoul of an ignored missing person's case. And the last thing she needs while they're working their way from ground zero to a missing girl, is a dangerous new wrinkle in Ocean's growing fame.

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