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Intuitive Tarot: 6 steps every Tarot Beginner needs to know (includes 30 Day Tarot Journal)

Verena Boeheim

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We are all born with psychic gifts.

Would you like to learn how to nurture your gift of intuition using tarot?

This special guide to intuitive tarot reading is packed with tips on how to develop your intuition and create a lasting connection with your cards. The built-in journal allows you to jot down everything you come across as you unleash your inner wisdom.
Inside you will find pictures of my 78-card ‘La Inspiratriz’ deck — based on traditional tarot decks. Their imagery was designed to appeal to your intuition, and they include simple meanings for each card.
If you want to learn everything there is to know about tarot and use your intuitive skills to take your readings to a new level - this is the workbook for you.

I’ll teach you how to:

● Trust your intuition
● Choose your perfect tarot deck
● Prepare a sacred space
● Understand the Major & Minor Arcana, suits, and symbols
● Do readings for yourself and others
● Learn how to do different tarot spreads
● Look after your tarot cards

And much more!

Inside, you will find information on what tarot is (and what tarot isn’t), as well as plenty of tarot spreads for you to practice.

Let’s get started with your intuitive tarot training!

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