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Taken to Die

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Take to Die - Trevor Negus

There are thousands of schoolgirls in the city. But she’s the one he wants.

Emily Whitchurch, 14-year-old daughter of two high-powered barristers, disappears on her way home from school.

Her parents put intense pressure on the police to find her and the job lands on the desk of DCI Danny Flint and his team at MCIU.

Danny begins to investigate and soon discovers that the Whitchurches are not the perfect family they pretend to be. They all have dark secrets – even Emily.

As he tries to cut through a web of lies and get to the truth, a sinister ransom note arrives and Danny realises they are in a race against time.

With the team working flat out to crack the case, Danny finally understands that this is no ordinary kidnapping, that Emily has been taken to die...

Taken To Die – the fourth in the gripping detective series featuring DCI Danny Flint.

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