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A Fate Forbidden (Great Plains Dragon Feud Book 3)

Emilia Hartley

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4.8 Stars
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She lives a sheltered life.
Her mother has made sure of that.
She says she’s fragile. She says her dragon is too small, vulnerable.
She also says that the Barnes family wants to hurt them.
But when she meets Jensen Barnes, he’s not the vicious man she’s been led to believe.
He’s gentle. Kind. And painfully handsome.
Two Montoyas have fallen for a Barnes. But she can’t be the third.
War is imminent between their clans. Giving him her heart would only end up hurting them both.

He’s tired of the feud between his family and the Montoyas.
It’s a war started by people well before his time. And yet neither side wants to let go of their hatred.
He needs a friend. And so does River Barnes.
So what if she’s supposed to be his enemy?
When he looks at her, he feels no hatred. Only joy.
His beast desires her, and he can’t resist.
Her mother will do anything to keep them apart.
But he won’t let these old dragons dictate their lives. He will let no war stand between them.

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