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Potent Desire: A Dark, Arranged Marriage, Age Gap, Mafia Romance (Book 2)

Teresa Wolf

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4.7 Stars
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The longer she stays, the more trapped she becomes…


I’ve spent years dreaming about leaving this dangerous life behind – and I’m itching to finally be free. But now Maddox is following me around like some kind of stalker. Either I’m going crazy, or he’s up to something. I need to get out while I still have the chance…


Isabella isn’t the stuck-up princess I thought she was. She’s soft and delicate – and the longer I’m away from her, the harder it is to get her out of my head. But her father is planning something… and I’m dead-set on keeping her out of trouble.

Determined to protect the daughter of an infamous crime boss, Maddox knows he’s walking on thin ice – and while he swears to himself that he’s only looking out for Isabelle, he quickly begins to feel something much more for her.

Fighting to maintain his self-control and not look like a creepy stalker, Maddox is forced to reconcile the whirlwind of emotions that are brewing just out of sight. He knows that tailing Isabelle is wrong… but he can’t seem to help himself.

And things only get crazier when Isabelle’s father makes an announcement that will change their lives forever…

Gear up for the second scintillating book in the Potent Desire series. With a dash of steamy scenes and a whole heap of tantalizing suspense, this book has all the thrills and chills of a dark mafia romance. Scroll up and grab your copy now!

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