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We shouldn't be friends. We definitely shouldn't be lovers. He's the one man I should hate more than anyone else in the whole world. But I don't hate him. I want him. Desperately. Passionately. More than I've ever wanted anyone. He's also the last person I should love. But I do love him. And I'm not letting him walk away. No matter what his reasons. No matter what anyone else will think of the two of us being together. Since the moment I met him, he's the only person who truly understands me and what I've been through. He's the most compassionate man I've ever met, and I won't stand by and watch these threats against him continue. I will not let anyone hurt him. Especially my own family.

Length: 101,781 words. This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language. This is a re-release of a previously published work. It combines the original novel BREATHE with the separately released epilogue WHAT YOU DO TO ME.

LGBT Romance Romantic Suspense Erotic Romance

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