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The Last Review

Lucas Pogrzebny

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A recorded murder. A mysterious dying message. An impossible trick...

Twenty years ago, the golden girl of cinema died in front of a camera. The film reel was never found—the real truth was lost forever. Now, the surviving cast and crew have a new production. They left the grieving in the past—but not the tragedies.

When introvert coffee-loving film critic Polo Levington is invited as a guest on the troubled movie set of “The Last Farewell”, he knows something is up. He can sense the murderous intent—a traumatic childhood event granted him that insight—but he doesn’t know that his life will change forever. As two spellbinding actresses that fear history repeat itself ask him for help, and one ends up dead, Levington discovers he’s walked right into a trap. To get to the truth behind the film shoot murders, he’ll have to face his deep-red fear once again. This time for good. But somebody doesn’t want old secrets to be brought into the spotlight, and would rather leave them to die in the editing room floor—no matter how many cuts have to be made.

Can Polo Levington solve this puzzling case before someone else is next?

Highlighted for its modern narrative with a vintage feel, with “plenty to get the tiny gray cells working, as the famous diminutive Belgian would say”, if you love slow-burn mysteries with “twists and turns that'll make your head spin”—in the vein of Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen, J.D. Carr and S.S. Van Dine—THE LAST REVIEW is your next stop in the murder mystery crime scene.

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