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Fighting for You: A Small Town Romance (Hawk’s Landing Book 1)

Alexa Stone

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4.5 Stars
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She avoids relationships. He’s on the ropes from life’s sucker punches. Can they overcome
their broken pasts and face the future together?

Liza Mitchell refuses to rely on anyone. After fleeing her alcoholic ex and the stress of the big city, the lonely veterinarian is ready for whatever the quiet countryside has in store.

But when she’s stranded on the road with a tornado bearing down, her guarded heart beats fast as a sexy stranger whisks her to safety.

Jake Harrison wasn’t prepared for his trip home to blow him into the path of a gorgeous gal.

But with his father and brother hurt and unable to run their construction firm, it falls to him to fix up the city girl’s storm-damaged house. And KO’ed by his fiancée unceremoniously dumping him, the muscular MMA fighter is hesitant to step into the ring for a second round with love.

Hiding her attraction behind a shell of dismissive professionalism, Liza’s resistance crumbles when the gentle warrior brings his injured dog to her door. And just as Jake thinks it’s safe to tap out to his desires, he sees the supposedly vulnerable vet laughing with another man.

Will the stubborn duo let their guards down long enough to be hit with happily ever after?

Fighting for You is a swoon-worthy small-town romance. If you like complicated characters, red- hot chemistry, and quirky backdrops, then you’ll adore Alexa Stone’s charming tale.

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