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ONE Tempting Offer - Tycoons of Timberton

Jenn Sable

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4.8 Stars
From 12 Reviews

Had I known who he was, I would’ve let him drown.

Instead, I fished a secret billionaire out of a lake and ended up having the most passionate night of my life. Then I found out that lying sack of toned abs with the melt-me blue eyes is Chase Maxwell.

Chase-stinking-Maxwell, a powerful CEO, HOTNESS incarnate, and my ENEMY #1.

Sleeping with the enemy before going to war is never a good idea.

The man is determined to ruin everything I love, run me out of my childhood home and off my cherished lake. I refuse to let him have his way.

He may try different tactics, playing hardball one minute and faking romantic interest the next, but I know the truth.

A billionaire always wins, no matter how many hearts they crush on the way to the finish line.

And regular girls, like me, with loads of problems, seldom end up unscathed.

I hope his final offer doesn’t leave me with a heart too broken ever to love again.

If you love your romances with blazing hot BILLIONAIRES, who fall INSTANTLY in LOVE with their ENEMIES, who scorch the night with PASSION as hot as a falling star, and end up with a cheer-worthy HEA, then this book is for YOU!

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