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Fantasy Lovers; Her Dragon, Wolf, and Vampire Mates

Sheri-Lynn Marean

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Thirty-eight-year-old Curvy-girl Jolene made a birthday wish… It came true.

Now she’s been abducted by a hottie and teleported to another realm where four sexy-as-sin men want to ravish her. Only, they’re not really men. One’s a dragon shifter, one’s a wolf shifter, and the other two are honest to goodness—no scratch that—they’re bloodsucking vampires. And they all want her—curves and all—to be their mate and baby mama.

Did she fall and hit her head somewhere?

Maybe she’s dreaming. She always did have very vivid and dirty fantasies, though none prepared her for this.

When Jolene finds herself flying through the sky wrapped around the dragon’s spearhead eating his cotton candy, suddenly all her inhibitions fade away. Can she really say no to what these four sexy men want from her? What's more, does she even want too?

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