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Olympus Mountain Man: A Mountain Man Romance Boxset

Autumn Summers

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Come along as a group of successful metropolitan women get lost and stranded on the beautiful Olympus Mountain, get rescued by rugged mountain men who steal their hearts and seal their fate.

Book One: Mountain Man Doctor:

I didn’t know if he was even real, but the moment he touched me my body quivered.

I know I was injured, but all I could think of as he carried me off, was getting even closer to this hunk.

Having my head up against his chest made me drip.

And, he was sweet enough to take care of the cut on my leg, without letting me feel a thing.

Sweet, gentle, smart and damn HOT!

I was sure I had found the man of my dreams.

But, things changed when we got back to his cabin and he wouldn’t let me leave…

Book Two: Mountain Man Guardian:

I woke up in a stranger’s cabin - I have no idea how I got there.

He’s strange indeed, but he’s also sexy, confident and deep.

I feel this unexplainable connection to him.

I could be with him forever.

But, could I give up my position of power in the tech industry and the billions of dollars that come with it?

Book Three: Mountain Man Seeking Curvy Girl:

At first, I thought he was a jerk just like every other guy I’ve had to deal with climbing up the corporate ladder.

But then things change…

I start to see him for who he really is, he’s gentle, kind, and a hero for god sake.

And he’s genuinely interested in me.

But, can I let go of my past to be with a real man?

Book Four: Baby For The Mountain Man:

From the moment he rescued me, I wanted him!

That is until he opened his mouth…what a jerk!

He pushed my buttons until I lost control, and then he took control of my body.

It was mind-blowing, but he left a little bit of him in me.

Now I’m pregnant with this jerk’s baby!

What am I going to do?

Book Five: The Mountain Man’s Secret Baby:

Searching this mountain for Leyla day in and day out with Ranger made me realize, he was the man I’ve been searching for all my life!

But he’s hiding something for me.

Luckily, I’m not the type to give up.

I’m going to break down his walls and find his secret because I want every part of this man!

But, what if his secret ruins it all?

Book Six: The Mountain Man With Babies:

I drank too much the night before, but the last thing I’d expect to find were three babies, alone in the middle of nowhere!

What kind of parents would leave their babies out here in the wild like this?

That’s when I saw Jaden, a single father trying to raise three babies on his own in the middle of the mountain.

He was amazing, sexy and so caring.

I fell in love with him and his babies, but was that enough for me to leave my successful career and move to the mountain?

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