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Caught and Caged: A Dark Mafia Romance

Vonna Harper

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4.6 Stars
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Though she plays the part of the innocent college girl, Lainey Stanfield knows more than she lets on about her stepfather’s growing mafia empire. Undercover cop Joe Risinger is certain of it.

Certain enough to take her captive.

Certain enough to lock her in a cage wearing nothing but a collar and a tail.

Certain enough to strip her bare, spank her until she is sobbing, and put her body’s response to his dominance on humiliating display with a helpless, blushing climax right there over his knee.

But even with her well-punished bottom burning and the evidence of her quivering surrender dripping down her thighs, one thing remains too shameful for Lainey to admit even to herself.

He hasn’t just caught and caged her. He has mastered her.

Publisher’s Note: Caught and Caged includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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